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Lady Aesculapius

Oct 8, 2019

“You never forget the first time you die.”

The Firmament: the timeless realm of the universe’s all-powerful bureaucrats, supervising every aspect of the universe’s life.

Full of grand marble temples and waffle huts, accommodating an infinite stream of immortal denizens, who just pop into a new body every time they die.

Well, that’s how it usually happens. Because someone is planning a murder. The definitive, no-coming-back-from-it kind.

Meanwhile, Lady Aesc has just arrived back to her homeworld. And she’s going to be stuck there a while. Things are going to get messy.

Written by James Wylder
Read by Rose Derk
Created by James Wylder and Michael Robertson
Art by Anne-Laure Tudori
Theme by Jack Guidera
Edited by Matt Quiett
A co-production of Arcbeatle Press and the Southgate Media Group Learn more at